Blooms, Bubbly and Macarons

Spring is the season of showers. Wedding showers, baby showers… showers of love! In the spirit of celebrating, I found someone who loves parties as much as I do — the ultra-chic Amanda Gluck, behind The Fashionable Hostess — to give you ideas for your next celebration! I set the table, and Amanda created sips + snacks that you’ll see here tomorrow. For now, wander through our spring-inspired tablescape for ideas….. Read more

Thyme Lemonade Cocktail

As we transition into Fall, I lean toward tasty cocktails that fit the feel of both seasons. Thyme lemonade is a perfect choice. Plus, it’s the prettiest to serve! I spotted this drink while traveling through New York, and insisted I make my own. It’s simple, quick, colorful + refreshing! I hope you love it as much as I do. Who says you have to wait until the weekend?! Ingredients…. Read more