My Mirror Thinks I’m an Oscar Winner

For years, I’ve been giving Oscar speeches. I project loudly, shed a few tears and genuinely thank my fans and longtime supporters. The audience stands in applause while shouting their overwhelming approval. Orchestra music fills the room, and I proudly wave my Academy Award in the air. Then [sigh], I put my oversized robe on. Sure, I’ve given all my Oscar speeches from a bathroom floor. At least my mirror…. Read more

Three Decades Later: Eric’s Story

Thirty years ago today my brother was born. He arrived four months too soon. My parents describe that day as chaotic and unpredictable. Neither doctors nor medicine could restore normalcy. My mom became very ill. And they had an 18-month-old at home. My family says Eric could fit in the palm of a hand. That’s how tiny he was. So frail and fragile— yet a fighter, too. Eric suffered a brain bleed…. Read more