Holiday Hot Toddy Recipes

I’m currently trying to pretend that it’s somewhere below 70-degrees in Cali-land right now. Mostly because a hot toddy by a burning fire with a heavy holiday blanket sounds like BLISS. Here’s to hoping those of you in a winter wonderland will live my dream this weekend. Indulge in a hot toddy [or three] over the holidays. I’m spoiling you with a few different recipes to try… #COZY. CLASSIC HOT TODDY…. Read more

Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays

This marks my first year celebrating the holidays in a new home. Which means, I’ve already spent too much money on garland and glittery vases and festive gift boxes I just had to have. If you’re buried in work [and life] this time of year, here a couple of easy decor ideas. They’ll really make your house pop, without stealing too much of your time. Berry Bouquets… Pick up festive (faux) red…. Read more