Holiday Hot Toddy Recipes

I’m currently trying to pretend that it’s somewhere below 70-degrees in Cali-land right now. Mostly because a hot toddy by a burning fire with a heavy holiday blanket sounds like BLISS. Here’s to hoping those of you in a winter wonderland will live my dream this weekend. Indulge in a hot toddy [or three] over the holidays. I’m spoiling you with a few different recipes to try… #COZY. CLASSIC HOT TODDY…. Read more

Get Cozy with a Christmas Cocktail

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you’re indulging in cozy fires and large cups of hot cocoa. I’m working a short day this morning, then hurrying home to wrap gifts while sipping on a pre-Christmas cocktail. Maybe it will kick my cold to the curb. Why do illnesses always hit at the holidays?! Treat yourself to a festive drink tonight. Here are my favorites (which are almost too pretty to drink). More…. Read more

Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays

This marks my first year celebrating the holidays in a new home. Which means, I’ve already spent too much money on garland and glittery vases and festive gift boxes I just had to have. If you’re buried in work [and life] this time of year, here a couple of easy decor ideas. They’ll really make your house pop, without stealing too much of your time. Berry Bouquets… Pick up festive (faux) red…. Read more