What I Eat in a Day

You asked — so here it is! A post on what I typically eat in a day. I’m a foodie and feeling hangry is not pretty. For me, eating and drinking is about family. I don’t ever want to take the joy out of food, because it brings everyone I love together. So, I say no to diets. Instead, I try hard at making my eating habits a lifestyle [thanks to…. Read more

The Lyst: Guilt-Free Snacks

I’m a snacker. A serious one. I’m the type who’s ready for a snack 15 minutes after dinner. Since I don’t have any immediate plans to fix this problem of mine, I’ve changed the snacks I’m reaching for. Healthy ones. As the lovely nutritionist Kelly Leveque taught me, protein and fat are gold in the world of eating healthy. Turns out, snacking isn’t all that bad, if you’re snacking on…. Read more