Hi | Lo Lyst: Chic Backpacks

Ever miss that euphoric feeling of back-to-school shopping? Something about it always made me giddy, even if I were merely after books and binders. Sigh.  Hopefully, you’ll all get that giddiness back with today’s post. Chic backpacks are a huge trend for fall. I’m spotting them everywhere! I went for a bargain buy at Forever 21. But, if you want to splurge on a super chic find, you’ll love our…. Read more

Hi | Lo Lyst: June Jumpsuits

I love a good jumpsuit. Mostly because it requires zero effort when trying to throw together a good outfit. Fingers crossed, rompers will never go out of style. This white jumpsuit by ALC was a purchase I splurged on for the Simply Stylist event I moderated back in March. I’ve worn it a dozen [or more!] times since then, because of it’s ease and simplicity. Plus, it hugs the body…. Read more

Hi | Lo Lyst: Fringe Fashion

Ever go back and forth on whether a style splurge is worth it [or any kind of splurge, for that matter]? It’s fun to lust over something luxurious, but it’s equally as exciting to discover a deal. The good news is — big trends often make it to the runways and into the mainstream market. Meaning, we can reserve our splurges for the pieces we really envision ourselves wearing for more…. Read more