It’s a Lifestyle | Why I Don’t Diet, Cleanse, or Fast

By far, some of the most common messages I get from this beautiful community are centered around my health + workouts + food choices. I always want to respond with something meaningful and useful, but I struggle with keeping up with your notes. SO, I thought this post, (and this one and this one) would be helpful to have on hand. Also, know that I share workouts + wellness hacks…. Read more

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

YAY, it’s the weekend and I’m finally back home. New York Fashion Week was a beautiful whirlwind (that so kindly left me with dark under eyes this weekend). Another NYC diary is coming Monday, but first I wanted to write about the FOOD. So many of you have asked for tips and tricks for eating healthy on the go. If you follow along on Instagram or Snapchat, you know I’m…. Read more

Someone, Get Me a Carb

It’s been said crazy diets are for crazy people. Right now, I’m one of those crazy people. For the past week, I’ve been doing a cleanse of sorts. Not the cool, celebrity-style juice cleanse. That I could live with, because at least I’d be on-trend. Instead, I’m on a doctor-ordered diet to kick a stomach infection that apparently thrives on sugar. I love sugar. I’ve convinced myself carrots taste like…. Read more