Summertime Sweets | Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Happy weekend! I’m still indulging in all things baby over here, but I’ve been wanting to share this summertime sweet with you because it’s SO GOOD. Healthy ice cream sandwiches? YEP. And they are to die for. Plus, they’re super fast to make this weekend. I feel nostalgic about stuffing something sweet between two graham crackers. Healthy ice cream sandwiches are seriously a dream and I’ve started to make them…. Read more

How To: Coconut Almond Butter Cookies

Happy Monday, loves! I’m headed back from the desert today after a busy weekend at Coachella. Hope you caught the fun on Instagram + Snapchat! We thought a perfect way to kickoff Monday was with a healthy cookie recipe. Jake and I make these ALL the time at home. Coconut almond butter sweets will make your heart [+ stomach] happy. These were included in my list of desserts when I…. Read more

Create Kiwi Chocolate Pops

You guys know I’m no Martha Stewart in the kitchen [yet]. So, I appreciate easy recipes that don’t threaten to burn the house down. My sister suggested we satisfy our sweet tooth last night by creating kiwi chocolate pops. They were surprisingly super simple to make and even I couldn’t mess them up. My husband was shocked. If you want to impress your guests (or yourself), see the recipe below. Side…. Read more