One Year Older

I’m turing 29 tomorrow. It’s not a particularly big birthday, other than that it’s my last year as a twenty-something. On some days, I still feel like a college kid who wants to dance on a table [I wish that feeling had fleeted by now, but I admittedly still love a good table dance]. Other days, I feel completely grown up in my grown-up house, with my grown-up husband, and…. Read more

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my my mom’s 58th birthday. At two years shy of 60, this birthday is not a particularly special one. But my mom has spent 25+ years celebrating even my most boring accomplishments, so it’s only fitting I make a big deal out of 58. I’ve said before, my parents are my superheroes. And in true superhero form, my mom has been running, worrying, starving, supporting and not sleeping…. Read more