Mermaid Magic: DIY Halloween Costume

MERMAID MAGIC! Let’s talk Halloween costumes (again), because this DIY mermaid idea will make the inner-Ariel in you swooooooon. Every costume starts with a little glam session. Mermaids need super chic gills, right?! Below, I shared a step-by-step makeup guide for creating the most magical mermaid look. Hint: Use an old pair of fishnets to create the perfect fish-like face. Plus, you can use any color palette you’d like, from…. Read more

OH, DEER: Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Ever think you look cuter as a deer à la Snapchat filters? Yeah, me too. So I indulged in some major makeup to create the perfect deer Halloween look so I can be even CUTER than I am on Snapchat. It’s not easy, people. In case you’re not feeling the deer look this year, I’m also including a makeup tutorial on becoming a cat. I’ve honestly dressed as a kitten…. Read more

Halloween Makeup: Paint Your Face

Are you practicing your BOO’s yet?? Mine sounds terrifying [according to my 4-year-old niece]. If you’re still struggling to figure out a costume idea after looking at my last-minute ideas, try leaning on a crazy cool makeup job. Seriously, we found some incredibly awesome ideas. From butterflies, to comic girls, to scarecrows and skeletons, you can create a standout costume on your face alone! Have a favorite? Ever done a…. Read more