Mermaid Magic: DIY Halloween Costume

MERMAID MAGIC! Let’s talk Halloween costumes (again), because this DIY mermaid idea will make the inner-Ariel in you swooooooon. Every costume starts with a little glam session. Mermaids need super chic gills, right?! Below, I shared a step-by-step makeup guide for creating the most magical mermaid look. Hint: Use an old pair of fishnets to create the perfect fish-like face. Plus, you can use any color palette you’d like, from…. Read more

My Super Squad: Halloween Weekend

I’d like to think I’m a superhero. Mostly because I want to wear metallic leggings for the rest of my life. For the record, our dog inspired this year’s Halloween costumes. Jett looks like Batman in regular life, so naturally, I decided we all needed to be superheroes. Wonder Woman for me. Captain America for Jake. I’m pretty sure we should star in the next comics blockbuster. We spent our…. Read more

Halloween Makeup: Paint Your Face

Are you practicing your BOO’s yet?? Mine sounds terrifying [according to my 4-year-old niece]. If you’re still struggling to figure out a costume idea after looking at my last-minute ideas, try leaning on a crazy cool makeup job. Seriously, we found some incredibly awesome ideas. From butterflies, to comic girls, to scarecrows and skeletons, you can create a standout costume on your face alone! Have a favorite? Ever done a…. Read more