I’m His Girl: Happy Father’s Day

My dad used to make me Nutella sandwiches for breakfast. He told me the chocolatey-spread was healthy for my heart. Sorry, mom. He was right, though. My heart is still happy. As a teenager, my dad used to let me play hooky from school. He told me the teachers would appreciate one less student to look after. Sorry, mom. He was right, though. Teachers do need a break. In college,…. Read more

Real Success Requires Change

Today is the start of the [official] new year. Meaning, carolers have all gone home. Holiday lights are down. Santa is snoozing for the next six months. And we’re all expected to be back at work. Except for those of you caught in snowpocalypse right now. Reality can be so rude sometimes. Success is best achieved through maintaining a constant willingness to evolve. It can be especially rude while staring at…. Read more

Turning it Around

It seems loneliness is the toughest battle with the most stubborn solutions. We all fight it— some of us longer than others. It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest family, the greatest job, the world’s best partner or the largest box of cookies stashed away. Perhaps the feeling lasts only a few minutes. Other times, a few years. Or perhaps several more years. You could be with dozens of…. Read more

Card me, please!

I’m turning 26 today. My parents still think I’m a teenager. My teenage sister thinks I’m ancient. And my 9-year-old brother has no idea Barney ever existed. I feel — old. When I’m 40, I’ll likely tell my 26-year-old self that I was insane to think I’m old. And maybe old is pushing it. My husband said I looked “younger today.” God bless him. Regardless, I’m officially closer to 30…. Read more