Gratefulness Begins with You

Happy Thanksgiving week! Food coma prep already started, so now I can focus on the holiday’s other purpose: gratefulness… [let’s be real — you thought about the food first, too]. As you indulge in stuffing…. Read more

Stylishly Set Your Thanksgiving Table

I’ve never been one to fight for cooking the turkey [please don’t make me touch the guts]. But I will fight for setting a killer table come Thanksgiving. It’s a much cleaner job. I hope you…. Read more

5 Ways to Channel More Happiness

Ever wish you were someone else? Someone smarter, stronger, prettier or quirkier? Someone wealthier, sillier, wiser or more in love? I think we’ve all daydreamed over what it would be like to step inside another…. Read more

Indulge in Ordinary Moments

Coffee tastes especially good this morning. I’m huddled next to a cold window, listening to raindrop after raindrop drench the pavement. It sounds like home. That’s because I am in my hometown. It’s cold and wet and…. Read more

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Happy weekend, my friends! Finally, it’s Friday. A days-long migraine temporarily interrupted my happiness this week, so I’m thrilled it’s the weekend. There’s nothing particularly celebratory about this weekend. Most of you outside Los Angeles…. Read more