Gratefulness Begins with You

Happy Thanksgiving week! Food coma prep already started, so now I can focus on the holiday’s other purpose: gratefulness… [let’s be real — you thought about the food first, too]. As you indulge in stuffing and sweet potatoes this week, be someone others are grateful for. Smile at strangers whose spirits are broken. Call your family. Generously offer hugs. Forgive your friends. Share your happiness and promise your honesty. Begin right…. Read more

Stylishly Set Your Thanksgiving Table

I’ve never been one to fight for cooking the turkey [please don’t make me touch the guts]. But I will fight for setting a killer table come Thanksgiving. It’s a much cleaner job. I hope you make this Thanksgiving especially warm and welcoming. Given the rough week our world is having, I think it’s particularly important to celebrate our gratitude this year. Much of that gratitude happens around the dinner table….. Read more

5 Ways to Channel More Happiness

Ever wish you were someone else? Someone smarter, stronger, prettier or quirkier? Someone wealthier, sillier, wiser or more in love? I think we’ve all daydreamed over what it would be like to step inside another person’s life — if even only for a moment. We’re human, after all.  Often times, I think we assume happiness is always someplace else. Within a better career, a bigger bank account, a beautiful home. Within a…. Read more

Indulge in Ordinary Moments

Coffee tastes especially good this morning. I’m huddled next to a cold window, listening to raindrop after raindrop drench the pavement. It sounds like home. That’s because I am in my hometown. It’s cold and wet and gray in Michigan— and yet, it’s calming. Maybe it’s because rain has a way of slowing everything down. It stalls our plans, breaks our routine and keeps us inside. Rain serves as a subtle reminder…. Read more

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Happy weekend, my friends! Finally, it’s Friday. A days-long migraine temporarily interrupted my happiness this week, so I’m thrilled it’s the weekend. There’s nothing particularly celebratory about this weekend. Most of you outside Los Angeles are still stuck in snowpocalypse. And unless you’re at the Olympics or New York Fashion Week, it’s not an especially exciting time of year. Allowing yourself to celebrate often prompts a heightened sense of gratefulness….. Read more