Creating Memories | Our Holiday Traditions with Ev

This holiday season has felt especially sweet, now that our boy is big enough to really feel the joy of Christmas. He belly laughs over Santa’s beard, is enchanted by twinkling lights, and happily screams for just one more sip of hot cocoa (his new favorite). He may or may not have experienced the joy of his first sugar high this season, but I’m counting it as a #momwin because…. Read more

The Naughty Lyst

Year after year, I have this whimsical dream of Jake + I decorating our tree. We’ll be sipping hot cocoa over holiday music while our pup’s dressed in a festive sweater.  … and year after year, this is what really happens: we drink too much wine over a football game, while our pup destroys his Christmas sweater and every gift we’ve wrapped [he’s on the NAUGHTY lyst]. I still managed…. Read more

Welcome Home, Jett

Disclaimer: Today’s post is going to leave you aching for a puppy. Specifically, you’ll ache for a French bulldog named Jett. He eats designer shoes and lacks restroom courtesy. But he’s overwhelmingly cute. In fact, it was his good looks that landed him in our home. That says a lot, because I’ve always been terribly nervous around dogs. Hand me a baby— I’m good for days. Hand me a dog— and…. Read more