Crazy for Cauliflower Rice | My Food Diary

A lot of you have been asking for another food diary, so here’s a breakdown of what I shared on Instagram recently — from a typical weekday. I don’t eat the same thing everyday, but I follow a similar routine. Overall, I stick to my nutritionist’s guidance (@bewellbykelly on IG), and load up on healthy fats, fiber + greens with each meal. Plus, as you know, I struggle with migraines,…. Read more

Food Diary | Everything I Eat in a Day

Between running after the baby, endless meetings and making time family and friends, my life is always go go go – just the way I like it! So many of you have been asking about my diet in between all those busy moments. I don’t follow a classic diet – I find them so restrictive! I am a lover of french fries, wine and all those things that are traditional…. Read more

What I Eat in a Day

You asked — so here it is! A post on what I typically eat in a day. I’m a foodie and feeling hangry is not pretty. For me, eating and drinking is about family. I don’t ever want to take the joy out of food, because it brings everyone I love together. So, I say no to diets. Instead, I try hard at making my eating habits a lifestyle [thanks to…. Read more