Halloween Snack: Hershey’s Peanut Butter Acorns

Who says acorns are for squirrels?! I have an adorably delicious Halloween snack for you that will make you feel like a kid again… Hershey’s peanut butter ‘acorns!’ This festive munchie is the EASIEST to make, and yet people are always impressed with my skillz when I serve them. But really, they’re only made of three ingredients. Watch the video below for what you’ll need and how to make these….. Read more

Cinco De Mayo Strawberry Margaritas

Is it Cinco de Mayo without a margarita?! I didn’t think so. Grab your friends tomorrow and celebrate life! We’ve got the prettiest pink drink for you to sip on. Sorry, dudes, but it’s delicious and you’ll love it. I’m still in Australia, but thankfully, team You & Lu had a chance to toast a few weeks early when creating this fun video. I think we’ve mastered the cocktail-making…  CHEERS! INGREDIENTS |…. Read more

Tips and Tricks for Tasty Sips

In the spirit of Labor Day weekend, I wanted to share my quick tricks to serving up tasty drinks. I’m all about ease when it comes to entertaining. Often times, making a guest feel special is as simple as adding garnishes to traditional drinks. Trust me, it works wonders. Below are five of my personal favorites, from flavorful water to a fun spin on serving a glass of bubbly. ORANGE &…. Read more