Go Ahead, Spike Your Coffee

Think of your morning routine. The blaring alarm clock. An urge to hide under the covers. A yawn so heavy you could collapse to the floor. Perhaps that cup of coffee will help. Spike it if you must. There are days when no amount of caffeine is enough to break those morning blues. I wish the universe would text, “today is canceled— go back to bed.” Not even Siri has ever…. Read more

It Only Takes One to Place a Bet

It’s Monday! Happy start-of-the-week. I’m writing to you from my hometown in Michigan today. It feels like the arctic, but the snowfall is peaceful. Pictures to come later this week. This follows a weekend spent in Missouri for a friend’s wedding. Missouri is a special spot for me, because it’s where I took my first anchoring gig post-college. I spent three years in Columbia— a relatively small college town sandwiched between…. Read more