Going Glam from Front to Back

There are few pieces in my closet that make me feel ultra-glam from both the front and back, but this silky number is one of them. Or, I should say two of them, because it’s a skirt and top combo that’s feminine and effortless. The draping is romantic yet edgy, and it makes me feel like I belong in Paris. Although, I always think I belong in Paris, don’t you? Maybe…. Read more

One Coat, Two Ways: Sweet to Sassy

I’ll [sometimes] find myself debating whether I want my style to be sweet or sassy. If it’s a work day, professionalism always wins. But if it’s a girl’s night out or a fun date, I like to feel edgier. Hence, why I’m trying to only splurge on purchases I can style multiple ways. I love a piece that can be worn causally, conservatively… and every way in between. Get more…. Read more