My Merry Message + Holiday Roundup

Merry Christmas weekend! I fall in love with this time of year over and over again. I wanted to share our holiday card. In true California style, we faked the snow with gold confetti. I’m…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Finding Balance

I’m feeling sleepier today than on most Mondays. I think it’s all the dancing [and maybe the dirty martinis] at my cousin’s wedding this weekend. Over one of those martinis, my grandmother said she missed me….. Read more

I’m His Girl: Happy Father’s Day

My dad used to make me Nutella sandwiches for breakfast. He told me the chocolatey-spread was healthy for my heart. Sorry, mom. He was right, though. My heart is still happy. As a teenager, my…. Read more

Rustic Chic Vibes

Celebrations that combine simple yet breathtaking details are my favorite. Hence, why I wanted to share some photos with you today… The rustic chic décor at a family birthday celebration last week felt warm and welcoming—…. Read more

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my my mom’s 58th birthday. I’ll likely be reprimanded for saying her age publicly, but fortunately, she can no longer send me to my room (sorry, Mom). At two years shy of 60,…. Read more