Fall Foodie: Caramel Trail Mix Recipe

Ready to indulge in a DELISH fall snack?!?! Try making this super easy caramel trail mix. It’s really tasty, and puts a festive spin on a traditional childhood snack. You can get creative with what to toss in your mix. We all have our favorite go-to’s! Even adding chocolate or butterscotch chips could be super tasty [and dangerous, obviously]. Watch the video below for how to make this trail mix…. Read more

Pie and Popcorn Stations for Thanksgiving

Let’s talk pies and popcorn… because you’re going to want both at Thanksgiving dinner. The pie part is a given. Duh. So why not dedicate an entire table to pies?! That’s what we did at our housewarming party and our guests went gaga for it. No, I didn’t bake these myself… [sigh]. Have everyone bring their favorite flavor to Thanksgiving. Incorporate wood Crate & Barrel pie boxes, raw or painted pumpkins, fresh…. Read more

Set a Festive Snacks Table for Fall

It’s the weekend! Thank goodness. I love to entertain on the weekend, but it’s always unplanned. I’m not one who can magically whip up dozens of homemade appetizers. However, I know the speediest route to the store and I’ve gotten good at setting stellar snacks tables. It’s all about the presentation, and inspiration is everywhere. Try using dried leaves from your yard. Grab a small branch to accessorize your table, plus…. Read more