Set a Festive Snacks Table for Fall

It’s the weekend! Thank goodness. I love to entertain on the weekend, but it’s always unplanned. I’m not one who can magically whip up dozens of homemade appetizers. However, I know the speediest route to the store and I’ve gotten good at setting stellar snacks tables. It’s all about the presentation, and inspiration is everywhere. Try using dried leaves from your yard. Grab a small branch to accessorize your table, plus…. Read more

Spiced Cider for Fall

Perhaps what I love most about fall is its flavor. The flavor of the air, the food, the drinks. Whenever I want my home to smell like fall, I’ll boil cinnamon sticks. If I’m feeling especially domestic, I’ll take it a step further and make apple cider. I was initially inspired by this recipe, and have since put my own spin on it. It’s easy to prepare, and even better to…. Read more