Mind Ready Monday: Big City, Big Dreams

I’m waking up this morning in the Big Apple. The skyline is bright and the energy is high. My trip to NYC comes in the midst of a two-week hiatus from sunny California. That means I’ll be off the broadcast waves for a couple of weeks. Instead, I’ll be talking weddings, fashion and travel with you. First up: New York Fashion Week. My sister and I are taking on the…. Read more

Fly Away With Me

Happiness is freedom.  I learned that as a child, and it’s proven true as an adult. Robin Williams helped teach me that lesson. I was five when I first watched him as Peter Pan in Hook. In the film, he reminds us, “All you have to do is think one happy thought, and you’ll fly like me.” Indeed, happiness lets you fly. Perhaps not just like Peter Pan. I learned that…. Read more

The Impossible Belongs on Your Dreams List

It’s Tuesday — but it’s my “Monday” at work following a long weekend off. You know how I feel about Mondays, so it’s only appropriate to start the week off with a kick-butt mentality. Today’s inspiration is rooted in a quote by novelist Tom Robbins: “To achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.” My dad keeps a version of this quote pasted on all of…. Read more