Celebrate Labor Day with a Donut Wall

Happy Labor Day weekend! I’m super duper excited about today’s post — DIY donut walls! YUM. Calories don’t count on holiday weekends [duh]. Team Lauren’s Lyst had way too much fun creating this project for you. Donut walls seem to be trending at all kinds of fancy events, so we wanted to recreate them in an easy + fun way. Here’s how to build your own delicious masterpiece. You can make…. Read more

To Loving Mondays

My parents have always told me Monday should be my favorite day of the week. Yes, Monday. I used to wonder if some office they once worked at offered donuts on Mondays. Turns out, it wasn’t the donuts. Quite simply, they think loving Mondays is a sign you love your work. It’s a method I once used to confirm I didn’t love college calculus. The point: You should love your…. Read more