Treat Yourself: DIY Berry Body Scrub

If I’m being honest, I’ve totally used my growing belly as an excuse to pamper myself (or, to convince Jake to pamper me, obviously). Throughout the last several months, I’ve been a DIY beauty junkie because I know the products are safe for my skin. Hence, why I whipped up this berry body scrub using ingredients straight from my kitchen! The sugar in this body scrub is what really exfoliates…. Read more

DIY Honey + Sugar Lip Scrub

Winter can be tough on our beauty routine. Dry hair, dead skin, chapped lips. Our bodies certainly deserve some extra pampering come January. I teamed up with the Chalkboard Mag to share my favorite DIY lip scrub. Every ingredient comes straight from the kitchen, so it has been a super safe exfoliating option during my pregnancy. Plus, it’s always fun to make beauty products from home! This scrub tastes pretty…. Read more

Lucky Locks: DIY Leave-In Conditioner

Ladies, your Monday beauty routine is about to get a boost. I’m sharing my favorite DIY leave-in hair conditioner. This conditioning spray is quick to make with a few at-home ingredients, and it creates super soft ends. Plus, everything in it is au natural, which means I’ve been using it throughout my pregnancy. One thing I’ve struggled with is finding products I love, while ensuring they’re not packed full of…. Read more

DIY: Lemon Hand Scrub

A beauty product you can make in the kitchen? YES, PLEASE! I often find my homemade exfoliators and masks are among my favorites, because the ingredients are pure and I know exactly what I’m using on my body. Watch the video below for how to make this DIY hand scrub. It’s especially great for summertime, after you’ve spent time in the sun. Ingredients | sea salt + coconut oil +…. Read more

DIY: Rose Body Scrub

Post-Coachella, my body is BEGGING for some exfoliation. I love making DIY beauty products, and thought this rose petal body scrub would be perfect for dry skin. It’s super easy to make and smells incredible! This scrub also makes for a really great gift — whether it be for a friend’s birthday, a bachelorette gift for the girls, a Mother’s Day gift… the list goes on! You’ll be able to get…. Read more