What We’ll be Doing this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day is a special one. It will be just the two us, one last time, selfishly indulging in a cozy night in. This time next year, we’ll probably be celebrating over spit-up and sweet babbles from our little babe. How life changes… If I’m being honest, there’s a small part of me that’s afraid I’ll miss this time of just ‘us.’ We’ve celebrated so many Valentine’s Days together….. Read more

Gift Lyst: Valentine’s Day

Taken or single — Valentine’s Day is the sweetest time of the year. It’s meant for spoiling ALL the people you love, including YOURSELF! I’ve always loved receiving sweet notes from my closest friends, or a little surprise from my parents. Plus, it’s a pretty good excuse for a sugar. To this day, I still spoil my bests (and myself) with Valentine’s goodies. Here’s a special lyst of all my…. Read more

Date Night at LA’s Prova Pizzeria

My college boyfriend once ordered me a pizza (with an extra side of ranch) after a serious game of beer pong. It was the first meal he ever bought me. Six years later, I married him. Who wouldn’t marry a guy who knows pizza is chicer than filet mignon? We’ve now got a beer pong table in our house (also ultra-chic), and now… a pizzeria to our name. Prova Pizzeria is one of…. Read more