One Vest, Three Ways

Happy FRIYAY! It’s only fitting to celebrate with something stylish you can wear from work into the weekend. Meet my newest spring staple: the white vest. You’ll look like a BOSS while at work; a boho DARLING while running errands; or a feminine BEAUTY while on a date. I love to transition my clothes from work to play, which is why I’m especially drawn to this vest. You can pair it with…. Read more

Effortlessly Cool

I’ve never been a rule-breaker. But there’s something about a bomber jacket and a boyfriend jean that makes me feel like I could be one — and that’s enough to excite me for the week. This outfit makes me feel effortlessly cool [and a little bit like Gwen Stefani]. Truth is, I can’t take all the credit. My photographer showed up in these jeans last week, and insisted I try them on….. Read more

Go Glittery This Weekend

Looking for a date night outfit? Dare to grab that glittery top from the back of your closet. I’m usually shy about wearing anything with sequins or sparkles, mostly because I realllly overdid it in my teenage years. Even my lips used to sparkle. But it’s been a decade now [sigh]… and I’ve since learned there’s a subtle way to pull off the glitz. Pair your top with a simple blue…. Read more

One Skirt, Two Ways: From Work to Play

I’m a huge fan of taking my outfits from day to night. It reassures me I’ve made a justifiable purchase. This leopard skirt has been sitting in my closet for a while. I feared leopard was too cool for me. I finally pulled it out a few weeks ago for work meetings, and later styled it for a date night. Even if leopard isn’t your thing, you can apply these day-to-night ideas…. Read more