Three Ways to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are everywhere. It took me time to indulge, because I wasn’t sure how often I could rock them. Turns out this trend is wearable all day, everyday. I’ve worn them with everything from an old pair of leggings to a corporate-style dress. Best part is, this trend can make you feel gooooood on a night out AND stylishly on-point for a day at the office… #winning. PS. BUMP…. Read more

Playfully Corporate with Paper Crown

When I landed my first ‘grownup’ job post-college [a news reporter gig in Missouri], I remember feeling so excited to dress like a corporate girl. I wanted to rock a blazer that screamed Katie Couric, and a pantsuit that fooled people into thinking I had been in the working world for years. A few weeks into the job, a colleague called my bluff and teasingly said… “You don’t have to…. Read more