REFUEL: Bulletproof Coffee

Back to REALITY [sigh]. Today I’m officially back to work. I shouldn’t complain, since I celebrated the 3rd, 4th AND 5th of July with bubbly, beaches and best friends. I think we could all use a little extra caffeine this morning, so lets talk bulletproof coffee. Have you heard of it? Basically, it’s your normal cup of joe with butter. I know buttery coffee doesn’t exactly sound healthy, but my nutritionist swears the…. Read more

Breakfast in Bed, Please

Let’s get COZY! Who else dreams of breakfast in bed? The coffee, the croissants, the sweet smells of syrup — it all makes my heart happy [and my Instagram thrilled]. In my first few years following college, when I lived on my own in Missouri, I used to make myself breakfast in bed. It sounds silly, but on days off I’d indulge in waffles while binge-watching old episodes of Friends. It…. Read more

7 Reasons Mondays Don’t Suck

Sometimes, Mondays are rough. The early morning. The long workday. The realization freedom is a full five days away. Mondays can cause some serious blues. But you know what else Mondays can do? Caffeinate you. Detoxify you. Enlighten you. And make you feel like a normal, decent, purposeful human being who’s completely capable of being a responsible adult. Here are seven reasons Mondays don’t suck… 1. COFFEE. This is one day…. Read more