One Coat, Two Ways: Sweet to Sassy

I’ll [sometimes] find myself debating whether I want my style to be sweet or sassy. If it’s a work day, professionalism always wins. But if it’s a girl’s night out or a fun date, I like to feel edgier. Hence, why I’m trying to only splurge on purchases I can style multiple ways. I love a piece that can be worn causally, conservatively… and every way in between. Get more…. Read more

Corporate Meets Cozy

Does anyone else struggle with dressing for work? I want to look professional, yet stylish. Mature, yet youthful. Smart, yet approachable. Basically, I try really hard to look like I’m not trying at all. I’ve also got to dress for my broadcast work every day. Which is a whole separate struggle. To alleviate my indecisiveness, I’ve been pairing closet staples (pencil skirts, stilettos, blazers) with trendier pieces. This way, I look…. Read more

One Sweater, Three Thanksgiving Looks

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in LA— just in time for Thanksgiving. Sweater weather is here! Sweaters are a Turkey Day must for me (mostly because they leave ample room for eating). But I can’t always reach for the same style each year, because our Thanksgiving celebrations go from being casual to cocktail-ish, depending on who’s hosting. That inspired me to style one TopShop sweater three ways— cozy, edgy…. Read more