Pillows Chopped, Mimosas Served

It’s FRIDAY!  I’m particularly excited about this weekend for two reasons: my “cleanse” is officially over, and my girlfriends are in town. Which means mimosas, movies and… more mimosas. This marks the first time I’m having house guests. House guests! The excitement drove me to stay up far too late chopping pillows, rearranging vases and stocking guest rooms with extra toiletries. Was it really necessary to buy an additional 10…. Read more

Someone, Get Me a Carb

It’s been said crazy diets are for crazy people. Right now, I’m one of those crazy people. For the past week, I’ve been doing a cleanse of sorts. Not the cool, celebrity-style juice cleanse. That I could live with, because at least I’d be on-trend. Instead, I’m on a doctor-ordered diet to kick a stomach infection that apparently thrives on sugar. I love sugar. I’ve convinced myself carrots taste like…. Read more