A Valentine’s Date from Home

Valentine’s Day steals my heart year after year. Hallmark makes a lot of money on people like me. A few years ago, Jake and I tried celebrating from home. We loved it so much, I asked him to do it again this year (except for about three weeks early and with a photographer there). How else would I share the idea with you?! Staying in sounds simple, but you can…. Read more

Cupid, are you listening?

Happy [almost] Valentine’s Day! It’s certainly feeling like sweetheart season. Store shelves are overpacked with pink and red treats. Inappropriate cards boldly appear in every drugstore aisle. And those in singledom are becoming bitter. Step up your skills, Cupid. Despite overpriced Hallmark gifts, sappy jewelry commercials and a dislike for candy hearts, I am a Valentine’s junkie. I’ve loved this day since I was old enough to eat a chocolate…. Read more