Mind Ready Monday: Pause, be Happy

Most of the time, the Internet drains me. Too many websites, too much information and too little of it that’s impactful. I spend time browsing useless BuzzFeed articles, like “How Obsessed with Pizza are You?”  I actually took the quiz. Somewhere in between daydreaming about pizza and scrolling through Instagram, the Internet Gods must have known I needed an inspirational boost because I stumbled across my favorite quote, by Guillaume Apollinaire……. Read more

The Next Time You’re Running…

I adore those moments when I unexpectedly come across something that inspires me. Hence, the photo below— a bench engraved with the words, “Celebrate Every Day.” A simple, yet important reminder I spotted while spending some time in Newport Beach. Sometimes, I find myself running from one thing to the next— from work, to errands, to family dinners, etc.— when I don’t really need to be in such a rush. Sure, we’re…. Read more

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Happy weekend, my friends! Finally, it’s Friday. A days-long migraine temporarily interrupted my happiness this week, so I’m thrilled it’s the weekend. There’s nothing particularly celebratory about this weekend. Most of you outside Los Angeles are still stuck in snowpocalypse. And unless you’re at the Olympics or New York Fashion Week, it’s not an especially exciting time of year. Allowing yourself to celebrate often prompts a heightened sense of gratefulness….. Read more