OH, DEER: Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Ever think you look cuter as a deer à la Snapchat filters? Yeah, me too. So I indulged in some major makeup to create the perfect deer Halloween look so I can be even CUTER than I am on Snapchat. It’s not easy, people. In case you’re not feeling the deer look this year, I’m also including a makeup tutorial on becoming a cat. I’ve honestly dressed as a kitten…. Read more

Quick DIY Halloween Costumes

No Halloween costume yet?? That’s me… every. single. year. Cue the Google searches, glue-gun disasters and ghostly sheets. I mean, really…. why do we do this to ourselves?! Consider this a costume cheat sheet that doesn’t require tons of time, money, or insane DIY skills [thank god]. Here are three last-minute ideas you can all recreate. Best part? You can dress these up or down, depending on whether you need to…. Read more