Coffee Dates for One

Are you on your second cup of coffee yet? It’s Monday — forgive yourself. Sipping on an especially strong latte Monday morning is like sipping on a cup of sanity [throw in a croissant and life is good again]. Even better is a coffee date for one. I’ve started doing solo coffee stops as a means of regrouping and reenergizing. Something about the alone time — if even for only…. Read more

Overall, I’m an Adult

This is my first time wearing overalls since ’99 [when I wanted my sixth grade crush to notice me]. Here’s to hoping he’s reading today’s blog… To feel less like a middle-schooler and more like an adult, I’m styling my overalls with edgy accessories: a crop-top [against mom’s rules in ’99], a beanie, suede booties and a studded boho bag. Another styling idea: pair your overalls with a chunky sweater…. Read more

Make Your Weekend Insta-Worthy

Ever do something just to get an Instagram picture? I once caught myself ordering a dozen cupcakes because I thought it would photograph better. It’s a problem.  This tee by Emi-Jay suits my love for capturing life [+ cupcakes] on camera. A perfect weekend staple. If you’re still being indecisive over your Saturday plans, scour an area nearby you rarely frequent. Stop in three places you’ve never been— like a coffee shop,…. Read more