The Everyday Denim Dress

Happy [official] spring! Let’s celebrate with a little denim dress that you’ll wear over and over again. It meets what I like to call the ‘three C’s…’  comfortable, cozy and chic! First off, I found this gem at Forever 21, which means it’s a crazy steal. Plus, I’ve got a trick for making a baggy dress hug your body. Try wrapping a sweater or long-sleeve shirt around your hips to give…. Read more

Shades of Gray

Something about gray makes me feel warm and ready for winter. The color is comforting; as though to remind me January is for feeling cozy. Maybe it’s because growing up, my Michigan winters were always so gray — yet the gloom had a way of making me feel at home. To this day, I wear a lot of gray in the winter. I don’t think the color is boring or drab….. Read more