My Summertime Bucket List

I’m convinced my family could swap our home for life under a beach umbrella (ya know, if there was no high tide or a bug in site) 😉 We love summertime, and it’s always a season that we create some of our happiest memories. Growing up, I used to split my summers between beach time on Lake Michigan and in Malibu (my parents lived in opposite cities), and so my…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Don’t Be Too Busy

I often find myself too busy. Too busy for a coffee date. Too busy for a doctor’s checkup. Too busy to tuck my niece in at night. There’s nothing admirable about being too busy. I don’t want to spend my life feeling like I never have enough time. That’s exhausting. Anyone with me on this? I think part of the problem is we’re all groomed to think busy is good. Even…. Read more

Travel Diary: St. Barths in the New Year

I’ve been home from St. Barths for more than a week now, and still feel jet lagged. Maybe I’m in a saltwater coma. Is there such a thing? This marked my first trip to anywhere in the Caribbean. St. Barths was the perfect mix of simplicity and spontaneity. It’s got sandy beaches and the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It was crowded, though, with people visiting from all over the…. Read more