Out of the Office

I used to [humorously] judge people who brought their work to coffee houses. Did they really have work to do, or did they just want to make the rest of us feel guilty for not bringing our work with us? Except now I’ve turned into one of those “work over coffee” girls. Turns out, it’s a good alternative to my office on days I need a change of scenery (+…. Read more

Go Ahead, Spike Your Coffee

Think of your morning routine. The blaring alarm clock. An urge to hide under the covers. A yawn so heavy you could collapse to the floor. Perhaps that cup of coffee will help. Spike it if you must. There are days when no amount of caffeine is enough to break those morning blues. I wish the universe would text, “today is canceled— go back to bed.” Not even Siri has ever…. Read more

Wake Up Your Senses This Week

My typical routine kicked off at precisely 6:23 this morning. That’s when the alarm always goes off. I had the same peanut butter toast for breakfast. The same cup of coffee. The same drive into work. Routine curbs the unexpected and makes us feel like we’re in control. Now think of your daily routine. Your wakeup time. Your daily commute. The people you see, the objects you touch, the recipes…. Read more