Travel Diary: Bliss on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is pure bliss. My mind is calm + my heart is happy — like every time I return home.  My family and I are rooted in Holland for the week; a small lake town that’s one of the happiest places in the country [literally, it’s been rated]. Growing up, I took its beauty for granted. But now, coming back, I realize there’s no place more peaceful than this….. Read more

Travel Diary: St. Barths in the New Year

I’ve been home from St. Barths for more than a week now, and still feel jet lagged. Maybe I’m in a saltwater coma. Is there such a thing? This marked my first trip to anywhere in the Caribbean. St. Barths was the perfect mix of simplicity and spontaneity. It’s got sandy beaches and the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It was crowded, though, with people visiting from all over the…. Read more