This is 31 | Birthday Reflections

Thirty One 🎈 Another year alongside my greatest loves. A lot can change in a year. I heard the sound of my baby’s footsteps pattering across our kitchen floor. I heard his soft voice utter “I love you” for the first time. And we blew out his first candles together. This was also the year of Summer Fridays. I watched our little blue tube appear on Sephora’s homepage for the…. Read more

Three Decades In | Thirty Things I Learned by Thirty

I turned thirty this month. Admittedly, I started lathering my skin in coconut oil and cleaning out my closet of high stilettos that scream twenties, because what new mom wears 5-inch heels?? But as I found myself staring at a sheer crop top I once rocked when I was 22, I started to question whether we all seem to place this weird stereotype on 30? Maybe my skin has a few more…. Read more

Get out the Balloons— Lauren’s Lyst is One!

This site is one year old today. Naturally, I decided to have a photoshoot with confetti and balloons and sparkly party shoes. #partyofone. Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for staying. Thank you for sharing. You’ve helped me create my happy place. Lauren’s Lyst used to look very different, and I initially had no plans of expanding it. I just wanted to write— about my highs as a newlywed and my lows as…. Read more