Lu’s Mama Diaries | Evan Grey at Four Months

My boy is four months! Time has never felt more fleeting that it does as a new mother. I am trying ever so desperately to hang onto the feels, the smells, and the euphoric joys of new motherhood. There’s something about nurturing a new life that is so pure. Life is beautiful through the eyes of such joy and innocence, and I am infinitely grateful to see this world over…. Read more

My Boy’s Name | The Meaning Behind Evan Grey

Choosing a name for our little man didn’t come easy for Jake and I. We had lists and lists of possibilities before the big day. But we couldn’t settle on a decision prior to meeting him. Perhaps it’s because we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl, so we never felt super connected to a specific moniker. We took a good nine hours after Evan arrived…. Read more

My Birth Story | Meet Evan Grey

HE is finally here! Evan Grey Ireland arrived fashionably late, on Easter Sunday. My boy weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces of pure bliss, and measured 18 inches long. After working his way into this world overnight, he fittingly made his debut at 9:15 Sunday morning, to the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun. Those seconds were overwhelmingly emotional. Meeting him marked the most life-changing moment, and yet, it felt like nothing…. Read more