Mom and Dad in Cabo | Why We Traveled Solo

In case you missed our trip on Instagram 😉 we just got back from Cabo. The two of us. Just Jake and I. Without our tiniest wild angel babe… (cue the OMG’s). This marked our second-ever time away without Ev together. The first time we did a parents getaway was a year ago, to Hawaii. It was a whole lot more emotional for me then, but this trip I felt…. Read more

Hometown Turned Happy Place

Happy Friday! I’m still in my hometown, indulging in time on Lake Michigan. Ever return to a place you used to take for granted, before realizing just how magical it is?! I feel that way about the town that built me. Holland is the prettiest town nestled right along the lake. It’s gone from my hometown to my happy place, and my soul completely feels at peace here. I love…. Read more

Magic Hour with Tommy Bahama

I’ve always thought the in between moments are unexpectedly beautiful. The real magic happens in between plans; in between years; in between dreams. … and in between day and night, is magic hour. Golden skies, salty waves, birds overhead. I wandered to the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, during that magical time of day, with Tommy Bahama. Their summery pieces make me feel like I’m on a constant vacation that feels forever…. Read more

Summer Ready: Target Pool Essentials

Sweet, sweet summertime is here — which means you’ll find me HERE, floating on a pink flamingo that makes for a pretty adorable Instagram moment. Thanks, Target.  From bikinis, to beach towels, to bags and snack bowls, Target is about to make your summer soul a little happier. I wanted to share my favorites with you again this year, because the store is carrying designer-like pieces that are affordable and on-trend….. Read more

Hair How-To: Natural Waves

Waves, waves waves! I love styling my hair with natural waves year-round. Something about it feels effortless, approachable + youthful — qualities we all love! Over the last several months, a lot of you asked for a wavy hair tutorial. Since both Katie and I usually opt for waves, we wanted to share our different approaches. Choosing what works for you all depends on your hair type! LAUREN’S WAY | NO…. Read more