Magic Hour with Tommy Bahama

I’ve always thought the in between moments are unexpectedly beautiful. The real magic happens in between plans; in between years; in between dreams. … and in between day and night, is magic hour. Golden skies, salty waves, birds overhead. I wandered to the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, during that magical time of day, with Tommy Bahama. Their summery pieces make me feel like I’m on a constant vacation that feels forever…. Read more

DIY Texturizing Hair Spray

Let’s all pretend we’re Gisele having a MAJOR hair moment. Because after you make this DIY sea salt spray, you’re going to feel like Gisele in a slow-mo Pantene commercial. This texturizing spray is perfect for casual summer beach days, when you want to create some extra waves while keeping frizz under control. The sea salt adds texture, while the oils soften dry ends. It takes just a few minutes…. Read more

Beach Beauty Essentials

I’m a serious beach junkie [that’s what living in California will do to you]. So, I’ve had time to master an au naturale beauty routine. Essentially, I want to wear makeup without looking like I’m wearing makeup. The struggle is real. I need my essentials to be waterproof, subtle + long-lasting. Plus, I want any poolside products to feel light and fuss-free [and not clog my pores]! I’ve narrowed it down to…. Read more