Mind Ready Monday: Quit Judging Yourself

Happy dances and sobfests— that’s how I’d sum up the quarter-life. There are days us quarter-lifers are running the world with job promotions, innovative ideas and killer hashtag #skillz. Other days, we’re sulking over bad breakups, boring jobs and irrational breakdowns. Maybe it’s because we’re making too many checklists. Or maybe it’s because we’re judging ourselves too often over what we thought we’d have by this age. There are parts of…. Read more

Home is Where the Checklist is

I’m home. It’s comforting, calm and chaotic all at once. I ventured from Missouri to New York to the Mediterranean for a mix of work and play. I’m now tackling a giant checklist: emails that require responses, laundry that requires labor, meetings that require my time. It makes me feel like I need 10 assistants. As a girl who likes to be in control, this checklist is not my BFF. Not…. Read more