Hi | Lo Lyst: Chic Backpacks

Ever miss that euphoric feeling of back-to-school shopping? Something about it always made me giddy, even if I were merely after books and binders. Sigh.  Hopefully, you’ll all get that giddiness back with today’s post. Chic backpacks are a huge trend for fall. I’m spotting them everywhere! I went for a bargain buy at Forever 21. But, if you want to splurge on a super chic find, you’ll love our…. Read more

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom is about to kickoff its biggest sale of the year, and the deals are making us swoon. A ton of pieces for the fall season will hit low prices. The sale starts tomorrow, July 17th! We got an early peek at what’s being offered, so you can start planning. We pulled our favorite picks under $100, and another list for under $200. Shop now — everything returns to full price on August 3rd!…. Read more

Be My Valentine? I’ll Throw You a Party.

Let’s be real: Valentine’s Day is [mostly] about the ladies. Maybe it’s because boys have cooties for a good 10 + years. Maybe it’s because we’ve always left our fate up to a box of candy hearts. Or, maybe we want a legitimate excuse to eat sweets all day. Whatever the reason, I think it’s just as important to celebrate your girlfriends on vday as it is your significant other. Throw a…. Read more