Australia Travel Diary: Wolgan Valley

Happy FriYAY from down under! Here’s a first peek into our Australian adventure. We arrived last weekend, and we’ve been hopping around to different cities since. We kicked off our trip in Wolgan Valley, which is nestled northwest of Sydney. It was beautifully secluded, tucked away from city life. It felt as though no one was there but us — and the kangaroos, of course! Truly, the wildlife at Wolgan…. Read more

Nature Meets Glamour

Year after year, I’m reassured the best gifts come in the smallest packages. Unless, of course, you’re hoping for a new car or an Italian vacation. Otherwise, go small. It wasn’t jewelry or Hershey’s Kisses that recently reminded me of this. Instead, it was a shipment from longtime friend, photographer Russell James. No, he didn’t send me a Victoria’s Secret photo spread (sorry, boys). Instead, he boxed up a trio of…. Read more