Out of the Office

I used to [humorously] judge people who brought their work to coffee houses. Did they really have work to do, or did they just want to make the rest of us feel guilty for not bringing our work with us? Except now I’ve turned into one of those “work over coffee” girls. Turns out, it’s a good alternative to my office on days I need a change of scenery (+…. Read more

Make Your Weekend Insta-Worthy

Ever do something just to get an Instagram picture? I once caught myself ordering a dozen cupcakes because I thought it would photograph better. It’s a problem.  This tee by Emi-Jay suits my love for capturing life [+ cupcakes] on camera. A perfect weekend staple. If you’re still being indecisive over your Saturday plans, scour an area nearby you rarely frequent. Stop in three places you’ve never been— like a coffee shop,…. Read more