One Year Older

I’m turing 29 tomorrow. It’s not a particularly big birthday, other than that it’s my last year as a twenty-something. On some days, I still feel like a college kid who wants to dance on…. Read more

Let Go of Self-Doubt

Everyone has an opinion. On the type of relationship you have. The career you’re going after. The person you are becoming. Most of those opinions carry weight. Not because we want them to— but because…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Life is Long

Welcome to part two of Mind Ready Monday: a weekly write up meant to boost your mindset. This week’s mantra doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on the surface. Life is long?! Typically, we…. Read more

Cheers to Makeover Magic

Happy Makeover Day! This is not an April Fool’s joke. Lauren’s Lyst went a little heavy on the weekend face mask to produce— this! A new and improved space to call home. I’ve been working hard…. Read more