Three Ways to Eat Leftover Stuffing

You might feel 10 pounds heavier today. I do, too. But that’s no excuse to let your leftovers spoil.

Read on for three ways to eat leftover stuffing— for breakfast, lunch + dinner. As always, these ideas are super simple. Even the non-chefs (ahem, me), should feel good about themselves.

P.S. Stocking stuffer ideas are coming Monday (20 ideas for $20 or under) for ladies and gents.


Breakfast stuffing omelette

Prepare an omelette as normal— beat three eggs and 3tbs skim milk. Pour over a nonstick pan. Add 3tbs stuffing to the center of the omelette (+ any veggies/meat). Gently push cooked portions from the edges to the center, creating a fold over your toppings. Garnish with parsley and serve with fruit.


Lunch Thanksgiving Burger

Layer 3 slices of leftover turkey and 2tbs stuffing on a pretzel bun. Add lettuce and cranberry relish (optional). In a small bowl, make your own aioli by mixing 2tbs fresh cranberry and 1tbs light mayo. Spread over the top bun and serve the sandwich with fresh vegetables.


Dinner Mason Jar Mash

In individual mason jars (or mugs), layer warm mashed potatoes, fresh cranberry, turkey (optional) and stuffing (amounts vary depending on jar size). Garnish with sage leaves and serve. Note: If you’re serving this to a large group, another option is to layer ingredients in a glass pan and bake.