Santa’s Secret Milk + Cookies Recipe

Looks like Santa might really indulge in his sweet tooth this season. This milk + cookies recipe is enough to make the big man leave you DOUBLE the presents!

How adorable are these mini-mason jars dipped in chocolate + sprinkles?! I’m constantly looking for ways to make traditional sweets more special, minus a ton more baking skillz/time. THIS is the perfect solution.

Merely dip jars or shot glasses and sugar cookies in chocolate + sprinkles (or crushed peppermint)! I’m sharing the full recipe on Inspired By This. Click HERE to see it!

Ingredients // melted chocolate chips (dark or milk) | festive sprinkles or crushed peppermint | sugar cookies | parchmant paper | mason jars or shot glasses

Photos by Annie Shak | In collaboration with Inspired By This