My Super Squad: Halloween Weekend

I’d like to think I’m a superhero. Mostly because I want to wear metallic leggings for the rest of my life.

For the record, our dog inspired this year’s Halloween costumes. Jett looks like Batman in regular life, so naturally, I decided we all needed to be superheroes. Wonder Woman for me. Captain America for Jake. I’m pretty sure we should star in the next comics blockbuster.

We spent our weekend first with my nieces [dressed as pumpkins!], and later with friends. I sipped on a tequila cocktail cleverly named, Going Te-KILLya. Good news is, Wonder Woman can’t be killed.

Here are a few funny snapshots from with my SUPER squad. I hope you all had fun playing make-believe with your own super squads this weekend. PS. If you want to rock a pair of gold leggings [super subtle] to work this week, American Apparel sells them all year long…




Metallic Leggings: American Apparel | Black Boots: TopShop | Costumes: Aahs | Cat Jumpsuit: American Apparel