Springtime Snack | Healthy Cocoa Breakfast Bars

I’ll do just about anything to make chocolate ‘healthy’ for me. Wouldn’t you?! So I’m excited to share these cocoa breakfast bars that are packed with nutrients and feel like a sweet treat. The added raspberries make this recipe perfect for springtime!

The bars are super simple to make, and they don’t require any crazy cooking skills. Ovens are not involved here. You’ll just need a food processor and the refrigerator… and you’re golden! I love snacking on these breakfast bars both in the morning, and during the day as a sweet pick-me-up. It’s better than indulging in cookies, but still satisfies that chocolatey craving. Plus, they’re easy to throw in a plastic bag for an on-the-go snack.

Watch the quick video below for how to make these cocoa bars. Don’t worry if the mixture seems a bit dry when you’re making them — once cooled, the ingredients hold together well so you can easily slice your batch into several bars. Feel free to switch up the ingredients (or the amounts) based on what you love. Toss in other berries, nut butters, or dried fruits to make it your own. ENJOY + HAPPY HUMP DAY!

INGREDIENTS | 1/2 c raspberries | 1 1/2 c cashews | 1 1/2 c sliced dates | 1/2 c almonds | 1/4 c cocoa powder | 1/4 c coconut flakes | 1 tsp vanilla | dash of Himalayan salt

PS. to make another healthy treat, try this chocolate mousse recipe! 

Video by Adam Falk | Photos by Annie Shak